(Remote) Senior Backend Developer

What is Mixtiles?

Mixtiles is a 100% remote eCommerce start-up revolutionizing how people put photos on walls. Canvas prints and framed photos are outdated products that haven’t seen innovation in years. We’re using software, industrial design and operational excellence to renovate the entire experience, starting from your phone. Check out our apps (iOS, Android) and our video!

Our Backend

We believe that in business, being amazing in software development creates huge advantages. That’s why Mixtiles relies heavily on software. Our product is affordable because software automates our factory. Our marketing scales because software collects tons of data from various sources and aggregates it into actionable dashboards. Our customers love how we communicate with them because software automates tons of the emails we’re sending in a smart way. Our backend controls almost every aspect of the company, it has a huge influence over everything we do.

What will you do?<

You will own the backend. You’ll make the API amazing for the iOS and Android devs. You’ll improve our customer services interface, make our responses better and faster. You’ll improve the way our factory works, and enable our expansion to new countries. A lot of our decisions are based on data, you’ll collect that data and crunch it so our CEO and VPs could guide the ship to the right direction. We don’t do bureaucracy or politics. If you’re fast, you’ll fly.

What technologies do we use?

Most of our backend is written in Javascript (ES2016) and runs on Node. We use Heroku and AWS for hosting. Our databases are MongoDB and Redis.

Who should you be?

You’re a fast, smart coder with an eye for simplicity. You’ve been writing code for more than 5 years. You’ve got at least two years of Node and Javascript experience. You’re super fun to talk to, and people frequently feel they’ve learned something after talking to you. You’re passionate about software development and are constantly open to new paradigms and ideas. You care about quality and testing, but don’t go overboard. You’re responsible and understand that if the backend crashes, so do most of the company’s operations. You speak good English. You’re a good person that believes in the good of others.

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