Customer Success Manager

Job Description

The Customer Success Manager will hold the following responsibilities:

– Meet with some of the largest organizations to build better candidate experiences and better hiring processes

– Design recruitment marketing strategies using a mix of channels (social media, career sites, job boards, employee referrals, etc.)

– Build training material for our software users

– Generate reports to measure user adoption and propose system improvements to increase utilization


– Minimum 3 years experience in a client facing role, ideally in a B2B environment

– Background as a business analyst, analytics, research, advertising, planning would be welcome

– Excellent in Reporting and Presentation Skills

– Proficient in Analytics (excel and/or databases)

– Loves solving problems

The CSM will be reporting to the Customer Success Director from our

regional office or work remotely. This means the CSM must be able to operate autonomously.   To be effective in this role the CSM needs to be:

– Autonomous: because we measure our success by the size of the talent pool we generate for our clients

– Ambitious: because we measure our success by the size of the talent pool we generate for our clients

– Intelligent: because every customer has different hiring objectives and procedures and we need to adapt our approach accordingly.

– Professional: because we work with Fortune 500 companies that have no patience for amateurs.

– Analytical: because we deal with LARGE volumes and need to make the numbers to tell a story

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