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Forbes Magazine says we’re a “Leading Startup” and we’ve been covered by Philippine Daily Inquirer, Tech in Asia, e27,, SunStar, and Manila Times. The National University of Singapore and DBS Bank picked us as a Top 6 Social Enterprise across all of Asia.

Join our dynamic high-growth team to become a “Leading Talent”! Our company is run by experienced executives from Europe & US who live in Cebu. Our team has worked at Microsoft, GE, Samsung, Oracle, Motorola, IBM, NEC, Exist, Tieto, Yahoo and Lexmark locally and internationally and have also built successful startups. If you want to know more, have a look at our Team,  what we value, snoop through our blog or read about why we’re doing this, what our mission is. If you think, the world could and should be a better place, you might just want to be part of our team.

Help grow our customer base with users in 100+ countries, including many well-known companies in the Philippines and abroad, such as Facebook, Convergys, Google, Intel, Ayala companies, Asian Development Bank, and the United Nations. Our customers include NGOs improving the lives of poor people and businesses interacting with their customers.


You’ll want to work with us, if you love startups, if you love learning, and if you love building and scaling something big. We build only one platform, in Cebu City and remotely: Our engageSPARK communication platform, and we’d love you to join us!

We’re looking for an experienced Frontend developer, who loves not just coding beautiful UIs but rather solving problems. Who knows when to obsess about pixel perfect, about code quality, tests and tooling, and when to hack something, quick and dirty. And who knows how to be passionate without an attitude.

Our market is ever-changing and that goes for our platform as well: New products are being added all the time. So you’ll have to understand a problem from the customers perspective quickly, find the right design and technology for the task, convince your team mates, and build it. If you enjoy this kind of challenge, this job is for you. If you want to know more, have a look at what we value, snoop through our blog or read about why we’re doing this, what our mission is. If you think, the world could and should be a better place, you might just like this.

Roles and responsibilities:

As Site Reliability Engineer you’ll continuously improve the stability of our platform, what we know about its current state and how we deliver updates to it. As in Google’s SRE, automation is key, so you’ll write scripts and tools to automate and monitor. This is not a “do as you’re told” role. While we all have ideas, we expect you to have better ones, with convincing arguments. We want to grow our platform and polish the machinery surrounding it, and we want you to contribute your ideas, learnings and good judgments.

  • You’ll monitor our system’s health and build dashboards for it. When you notice something that needs to be different…
  • You’ll improve our system, to make it faster, more fault-tolerant, more available.
  • Deployments are done best by something, not someone, so you’ll maintain a robust deployment pipeline.
  • Self-service tools are a great way to help your colleagues unblock themselves. You’ll create those so devs and QA can work effectively even when you’re not around.
  • You reduce the truck factor by habitually documenting what you do and how automated processes work.
  • You create awareness of operational issues and teach, so important knowledge spreads. Also, because it’s fun.
  • You learn and stay up to date on tech topics in your field. You share this knowledge and push for change with the most impact.
  • Most importantly: You make things happen. Sometimes that means quick and dirty, and sometimes that means saying “no”.


You love Linux and you are a coder. You know there’ll be more tasks than you can ever finish—and you’re fine with it, because you’ve learnt to prioritize and get the important and urgent stuff done. You know that communication is key. Here is what we expect of you.

  • In-depth Linux experience. (For example, you’d know what a hard ulimit is, what the sticky bit does and what apt-get install -f does.)
  • Coding experience in a language useful for scripting, for example Python, Ruby, Perl.
  • AWS experience
  • Git experience
  • Excellent command of English, particularly in writing.
  • Having experience with and understanding how these technologies work is a plus: Ansible, Kubernetes, Google Cloud, Jenkins

Salary & Benefits

  • Full-time position
  • HMO coverage (Philippines)
  • Daytime work schedule
  • Paid Vacation & Sick Leave
  • Complete Government Benefits: SSS, Pagibig, Philhealth (Philippines)
  • Regular fun team outings
  • Intense professional growth

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