Senior JavaScript Engineer with Global Startup

Top reasons this role accelerates your career:

1.) They’re a power player. This company’s technology powers a quarter of the websites on the internet.
2.) Fully remote. Work from Paris. Work from the beach. Work from home with your kids. Work from wherever is right for you.
3.) Sponsored learning. Need hardware? Software? Books? Conferences? Whatever tools empower you to continue learning, they’ll provide or reimburse.

The team:

This full-remote team works from all over the world. Chat rooms, Slack, and an annual 7 day trip to somewhere exotic keep everyone together. The company can cherry-pick employees with all their perks, so they prioritize the most collaborative and communicative people in the world (bonus if you’re good with .gifs).

Development is highly data driven. For every feature they launch, they gather quantitative metrics on usage and interaction as well as qualitative feedback through support channels. Expect to launch a feature and then start iterating on it moments later.

Tech stack is primarily JavaScript and HTML5/CSS3 with tools like React and Redux. They pull in server-side tech from Ruby, Python and PHP. All code is open-source.


  • Unlimited vacation.
  • Paid 3 month sabbatical every 5 years.
  • Reimbursement for hardware/software/books/conference for ongoing learning.
  • Budget for home office setup, coworking space or lattes at a coffee shop.
  • Health/vision/dental/401k matching/life insurance, etc.
  • Paid maternity/paternity/adoption leave.

You might be their team’s missing puzzle piece if:

  1. You’re a senior JavaScript developer who knows vanilla JS like the back of your hand.
  2. You’ve also worked with a server-side language like Ruby, Python or PHP.
  3. You’re previously worked remote and know how to keep communication channels open from a distance.
  4. You’re self-directed and driven to ship.
  5. Bonus if you’ve worked in JS tools like React and Redux!

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