C++ Developer

Remote, full-time position during local work hours

Required skills

  • 2+ years of production C++ development on any platform
  • Familiarity with Boost libraries
  • Some experience with version control (GIT)
  • Basic English
  • C++ 11 knowledge recommended
  • Experience with a scripting language, such as Perl, PHP, or Python is a plus

We offer

  • Competitive salary & benefits package including paid vacations
  • Web-based courses on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, MVC, C++, Linux, Git & more for those who are ready to improve their professional level constantly
  • Online English classes for those wanting to improve their skills in English
  • Ability to participate in Professional international forums and conferences


  • Code, develop, test, debug and design features and portions of software
  • Perform code reviews for best practices
  • Refactor code as necessary
  • Take responsibility for code that you’ve written

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