PPC, Paid Search Advertising Specialist at CanIRank


Are you a talented PPC / Paid Search Specialist looking for an opportunity to accelerate your career growth?

How about helping to craft new processes and shape the M.O. of a brand new Paid Advertising team that you might one day lead?

Oh yeah, and doing it all within a fast-growing, 100% distributed digital marketing agency with a unique model that combines the best of machine learning-based software and a team of whip-smart digital marketing specialists?

If this sounds like the challenge you’re looking for, we’d love to have you apply for our new PPC Specialist role!

This is a remote work, flex-time position starting at $16-25/hr with hours ranging from 20-40 hrs/ week. Additional benefits include paid training, a learning stipend, technology stipend, performance bonuses, and the opportunity to work with some pretty badass digital marketers! Ideal candidates should have full-time or near full-time availability, and are looking to grow with the company long-term as they rise through the ranks of a digital marketing agency.


  • 1-5 years professional work experience including management of AdWords campaigns in the $1k – $20k / month budget range
  • AdWords Certification because we love badges
  • Knowledge of copywriting best practices so you can squeeze Shakespeare’s eloquence, Oscar Wilde’s wit, and Kanye’s creativity into 60 characters
  • Startup compatibility: you’re comfortable with changing roles, blistering speed, and figuring it out as you go along
  • Passion for helping small businesses succeed. We genuinely care about helping our clients succeed, and you should to
  • Self-disciplined: you prefer to structure your own tasks, all the better to try out that new hyper-productivity system you read about last weekend


  • Prior client relations experience in an agency or consulting setting
  • Success in a remote role
  • Experience with other paid ad channels
  • Experience building out and managing a new team (which would probably qualify you for a higher-end position than this – ask us about that option)

To apply, please fill out the application here: https://goo.gl/forms/DINDIMHTahEVDGXf1


Our company Open Development, Inc. is a fast-growing startup offering a unique “software+service” model to help startups and SMEs improve the performance of their website with greater effectiveness and lower cost than a traditional marketing agency. You can think of our software side as something like Siri for your website, or “an online marketing expert in a box”, offered through partners like domain registrars and web hosts, as well as through our own brands CanIRank and Growth AI. Our Full Service marketing agency half is like “Uber for online marketing”, with a distributed team of online marketing professionals working together on the opportunities identified by the software.

By combining the power of machine learning and a specialized on-demand workforce, we help SMEs compete with the mega-corporations like Amazon and Walmart, and prevent the web from turning into just another Big Brand strip mall.

A few things that make us unique as a company:

  • Founded by an experienced entrepreneur who has worked at 7 startups in 3 countries, including one $200M+ exit
  • Our core technology was developed by a team of 3 Stanford engineers, with help from one of the world’s leading predictive analytics experts
  • We reward great work with “thank you” gifts that have included a Kindle, speakers, a trip to Paris, an espresso machine, and sailing trips
  • We’re a distributed team with contributors from San Francisco, Seattle, Quebec, Cordoba, and elsewhere. Never has meeting your coworkers been this much fun!
  • We believe a healthy employee is a productive one, and that means taking time away from the computer to cultivate other interests, which for us range from rock climbing to organic farming to game design
  • A supportive company culture focused on helping each other become better at what we do, both informally (celebrating successes, pooling expertise, sharing good reads, etc) and formally (6-week paid training period, mentoring & feedback from experienced marketers, budget for continuing education)

Learn more about working at CanIRank on Glassdoor or these recent features on Entrepreneur.com:

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