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We’re looking for a senior Drupal developer with significant experience in back-end development of Drupal sites, especially with experience in the e-commerce arena. We’re looking to add build features, upgrade and maintain our existing systems, as well as plan for a transition where pieces of these systems are either migrated to Drupal 8 or other new solutions over the course of the next couple years. All of this work is intimately connected to the rest of our cloud hosting and devops tooling product — interest in the “devops” problem space and solving problems for our cloud customers is key. Our team stands at the forefront of user experience, as well as new features being offered to our customers and partners. Being comfortable tackling programming problems from the architecture level all the way down to proper code implementation is a big plus — the team is small, the to-do list long, and engineers generally have a great deal of autonomy to implement features and drive the product forward. Your contribution matters.

Must Have

– Senior-level experience with Drupal back-end development (both 7 and 8 ideally) — custom modules and product/feature builds in Drupal

– Desire to tackle feature implementation and user experience design challenges from a high-level user story view through final implementation

– Solid experience with web development patterns and the needs of engineers using a web app development and hosting tool

Nice to have

– Familiarity with the other languages in our stack (Javascript, Go, Python)

– Experience or interest in the “cloud computing” stuff that makes up our back end, anything from distributed computing to networking to devops and the big box that is “make a bunch of Linux containers play nicely together”

Platform.sh is a next-generation hosting and development tool for a wide variety of web applications. Our platform-as-a-service model is designed to take an application from the developer’s app codebase to a working set of cloud environments with as few traditional “devops” challenges as possible. This involves a lot of really cool software (mostly written in a mix of Python and Go, and with user-facing tools in PHP and Javascript) that helps us make magical features at all layers of the traditional hosting stack: distributed and redundant storage, automated container orchestration, highly-available applications and services, fast creation and replication of environments, etc.

The company is entirely distributed with an HQ in Paris that 10-15% of the company works out of. Various team meetups or occasional get togethers both there and around the world are common.

Travel to various developer-oriented events available to developers who are interested in conferences both, for marketing and educational purposes

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