Copy Editor

POSITION STATUS: Freelance – 1099 Independent Contractor
COMPENSATION: $20-$30/Hourly

The Copy Editor’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all copy submitted by the writing
staff has been proofed to ensure that it is readable, error free, grammatically correct
and ready for publication.


  • Editing and/or proofing all copy to ensure the following:
    • Copy is free of typos and spelling errors
    • Copy is grammatically correct
    • Flow of the article makes sense – beginning, middle, end, presents the topic
      of the article in a clear, concise manner
    • Article is structurally sound
    • Tense and pronouns are correct and consistent
    • Article follows the specifications outlined on the writing ticket, including tone,
      voice and target audience


  • Proofing copy through the use of Copyscape to eliminate plagiarism
  • Rejecting and submitting for revision any copy that has more than a 5% error/edit
  • Following Civilis’ quality control standards to determine whether to pass or reject a
    submitted piece
  • Using the Civilis systems and processes to submit all client deliverables in a timely
    and accurate manner
  • Ensuring all client deliverables meet or exceed Civilis’ quality standards


Success will be measured by:
• 24-hour turnaround
• Meeting deadlines
• Error-free deliverables with no grammar, flow or concept issues
• Accurately assessing whether to reject (return for revisions) or pass a submitted

• 5+ years as copywriter, proofreader and/or editor
• Proficient in Chicago Manual of Style
• College degree in English, Communications or Journalism
• Proven competency using Microsoft Office applications, including Word and Excel
• Experience working in a less rigid workplace and/or home office environment


Attention to Detail
Sees things others don’t; double checks the accuracy of information and work product
to provide accurate and consistent output; carefully monitors the details and quality of own and other’s work; expresses concern that things be done right, thoroughly and
precisely; completes all work according to procedures and standards.

Drive for Results
Motivated by success and passionate about working and achieving higher results;
persists to complete tasks/responsibilities, even in the face of difficulties, and is optimistic
and tenacious all through; operates with personal ownership and looks for ways and
means to improve performance all the time.

Pursues all tasks with energy, drive, and a sense of urgency; does not willingly abandon
a task prior to completion despite resistance or setbacks.

Quality Orientation
Promotes and maintains high standards of quality at work; applies discipline and a
detail orientation to work activities and constantly looks for ways to improve the quality
of products or services; encourages others to have high quality standards in their work.

Sets clear personal goals and timelines for achieving results; works through processes
with little or no follow up; effective within a virtual workplace; able to manage time

Written Communications
Is able to write clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles
(including e-mail); Tailors communications, formal or informal, to the level and
experience of the audience; can get messages across in a manner that achieves the
desired effect; uses appropriate writing styles consistent with organizational guidelines
and norms.


If you’re the perfect fit for this critical position, follow these instructions to apply:
Civilis Copy Editor Application
Editors for Civilis Marketing must be able to review articles for soundness of structure,
grammar and spelling, and make edits and/or provide comments to the writer so the
article can be revised.
1. To simulate this situation, please download this Word document.
2. Turn on track changes and add comments as needed.
3. Review entire article for structural soundness/storytelling, grammar and spelling
(following CMOS).
4. Make edits and/or add comments.
5. At the bottom of the document, indicate how many minutes it took to perform
the editing project.
Submissions should be in a Word document, attached to an email sent to, along with your resume, contact information
and any relevant examples of your professional work.

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