Lead Human Interface Designer

The Human Interface Designer will be responsible for both rapidly creating engineering-ready user interface design elements in a fast-paced environment while carefully considering how to communicate Blockchain and crypto to the masses.

This will include creating functional “run-of-the-mill” user interfaces along with cutting-edge new ways to communicate Blockchain and crypto concepts through digital interfaces.

To be successful, you must be able to produce multiple variations quickly for specific ideas, gather feedback from both stakeholders and a diverse and opinionated global community of over 100,000 people, and juggle multiple projects and requirements.

You must be able to rapidly prototype as quickly as possible, take feedback both constructive and brutal, and constantly deliver “good enough” while trending towards perfect.

Specific Responsibilities 

  1. Build high-fidelity prototypes quickly to conceptualize design, flow and copy.
  2. Define and improve visual elements, product elements, and overall design
  3. Evaluate and set best practices and standards for Ethos UX and communicating Blockchain, crypto and financial concepts.
  4. Work with Product Owners and management to define user flows and maps.
  5. Measure human-computer interaction (HCI) element of a design
  6. Perform and implement rapid user research for surveys and feedback
  7. Create and implement interaction models and user interface specifications
  8. Collaborate on scenarios, end-to-end experiences, and screen designs
  9. Gather user feedback and prototype new features.
  10. Work with engineering, frontend, and backend developers as needed


  • Experience and/or Bachelor’s degree in Interaction Design, Architecture, or related field
  • Proven experience with UI design with portfolio of sample projects
  • Experience with mobile UI design
  • Two (2) years’ previous experience in UI, engineering, UX, programming, or related position
  • Knowledge of Agile and Scrum processes
  • Experience with multiple visual design programs such as Sketch
  • Ability to rapidly produce high-fidelity prototypes eg “fast paint”
  • In-depth understanding of UI; an understanding latest design and technology trends and their role in a commercial environment
  • Superior computer skills; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, IT, and programming troubleshooting
  • Artistic eye for design, user interaction, functionality, and readability
  • Able to think creatively while maintaining accuracy and attention to detail
  • Mathematical aptitude and problem-solving skills to analyze problems and strategize for better solutions
  • Able to multitask, prioritize, and manage time efficiently
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work independently and as an active member of a team
  • A desire for the best possible end-product that removes the artificial or at least unhelpful construct of self and ego from the process.
  • A mindset of putting energy into multiple variations vs. defending the “right way” of doing things.


We are a Cryptocurrency company that believes in the power of Digital Assets. We believe that this power belongs in the people of the world. We are looking for top-tier talent to join our world class team. A few of the perks of working with us:

  • This is a contract to hire position
  • Paid in cryptocurrency
  • 100% remote position (can’t beat that commute!)

Come join the team that is changing the face of the Worldwide Economy!!

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