Senior Front End Developer (100% remote)

We prefer to hire senior level developers who have 100% experience in FRONT- END development work, not back- end.

You will be working from home with mostly flexible hours. You will need to attend the team meeting, though, which is held at approximately 8:00 am (GMT) and then work for 3 hours for team collaboration afterward.

Your Role:

As a front-end engineer, you will focus on web development of client-side applications/components and pages using the AngularJS framework, D3.js, and REST API.


1. At least 4 years of professional web app development experience.
2. Proficiency in HTML and CSS with an understanding of responsive design.
3. Excellent at JavaScript (ES6).
4. Expert at AngularJS.
5. Experience with NodeJS, NPM (Yarn), and Webpack.
6. Experience with different approaches to testing, including end-to-end.
7. Experience with CSS, pre/post- processors and linters (ESlint).
8. Well-versed in modern practices and philosophies including- version control (git), CI/CD, test-driven development, agile software development, etc.
9. Performance optimization work including profiling, time to first byte, browser memory usage, decreasing the overall load time of applications, and hitting the first meaningful paint.


  • Angular Material
  • Electron apps
  • VueJS/Vuex and Firebase
  • Docker
  • Linux/MacOS


  • The ability to work from home
  • Working on a friendly team
  • Three weeks of paid time off
  • Corporate travel around the world

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