Security Engineer

Our goal at NEX is to make trading, holding, and interacting with cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. A critical part of that work is building secure and reliable systems and infrastructure. We are looking for a security engineer to help us develop and validate security solutions for our products and platform. You should be capable of writing high-quality code that addresses real-world engineering and security problems.


  • Design, build, and maintain the security infrastructure at NEX
  • Develop secure systems for user authentication
  • Architect solutions that will advance internal security monitoring and
  • controls for our exchange and settlement layer
  • Engage in test-driven development practices
  • Work asynchronously with a fully remote team

We are looking for:

  • 3+ years engineering experience in a production environment
  • A deep understanding of public key cryptography and network protocols
  • Skill at finding flaws in software and communicating how to fix them
  • Extensive knowledge of Git
  • A strong portfolio of prior security projects

We prefer but don’t require:

  • Experience working in remote teams
  • A history of contributing to open source software
  • Engineering experience with other financial software

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