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At Gradle Inc. our mission is to transform how software is built and shipped. We are the company behind both the popular open source Gradle Build Tool and our commercial product, Gradle Enterprise.

Gradle Inc. is the engine behind the award winning open source build tool Gradle. While fundamentally a product company, we also provide support, consulting, implementation assistance, and custom extensions to organizations using Gradle, including some of the biggest names in the software industry.

Gradle employs exceptional software people around the world. Being a primarily distributed team requires that all members are self-managing, highly motivated, and seriously passionate about the domain of software delivery.

Ensuring a diverse and inclusive environment where we learn from each other is important to our values. We welcome people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, abilities and perspectives.

Job Description

The Gradle Developer Experience team exists to improve user experience and momentum of Gradle. The Gradle Developer Experience team is looking for a technical writer who can articulate complex concepts clearly and concisely, and ultimately make millions of developers more successful with Gradle.

Duties and Responsibilities 

These are things Gradle would expect from you:

  • Craft documentation and guides that inform and inspire users to do great things.
  • Work with Gradle engineers, marketing, and users to help prioritize and maximize impact.
  • Craft content for various Gradle outlets such as blogs, newsletters, and release notes.

Example Work Projects

These will help you get an idea what kinds of tasks to expect. Actual assignments depend on your skill set and what we decide together to focus on.

  • Craft a “What’s new in Gradle 5.0” page or blog post. Creating high-quality diagrams or imagery would be very helpful, but not a requirement.
  • Work with build tool engineers to write and improve Gradle documentation for IDEs, popular frameworks, best practices, and various programming languages.
  • Write compelling release notes for Gradle Kotlin DSL v1.0.
  • Provide helpful reviews for others’ writing.

Desired Skills and Experience

These are traits that we think are especially helpful to succeed in this position:

  • Unquenchable passion for developer tools.
  • A keen sense of writing style to craft compelling content.
  • Persistence to ask tough questions to gain a thorough understanding of the subject matter.
  • Awareness of the appropriate amount of effort to spend on various tasks.

Qualification Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
  • 2+ years related experience in software engineering and/or technical writing.
  • Proficiency in written English.
  • Self-motivation, organization skills, and discipline to get things done in a remote environment.

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