Talented & Entrepeneurial Front-End Developer

Job description & requirements

We’re looking for a front-end specialist to come on board and join the team.

Skills required;

  • Sass, Bootstrap, React, HTML5, Javascript, Bourbon.

Experience with;

  • integrating into APIs using AJAX.
  • familiarity with Docker.
  • responsive front-end development.
  • backwards compatible frontend development.

We’re looking for a talented developer to create our web-app (app.soluhq.com) and make cosmetic changes to our website (soluhq.com). The UI is developed for both and we have a cloud dev with most of the APIs already created so the role will initially focus on execution before taking on a more creative, product iterative position in the coming months that will include creating dashboards to be used internally.

We’re looking for somebody to join as a side-project from their current work – but then we should be able to take you on full-time when we receive our $300k seed funding at the beginning of September. Half of this has already been committed, and we’re currently contractualizing some of our partnerships, before being active in the fundraising space once more.

We’ve won a number of regional and international start-up competitions and have agreements in place with numerous stakeholders including LBC, PayMaya and implementation agreements with Quezon City and Valenzuela to commence operations in their territories in October. We’re also working with the ADB on a couple of exciting projects coming soon.

We’re a really interesting project that benefits all stakeholders in society and we have substantial backing from government officials, NGOs, banks and large FMCG companies. If you’re interested in being a part of a scalable solution with international ambition that solves a big environmental problem, increases earnings opportunities for the some of the poorest in society and diverts lots of waste away from unsustainable dump sites then get in touch and I’ll be very happy to explain more.

Required skills
Javascript, React.js, SCSS/SASS, Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3, AJAX.


What’s it like working at Solu?

We’re a fairly chilled get shit done team. We heavily encourage extracurricular interests and we subsidise quarterly individual learning goals.

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