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Location: Anywhere
Work can be done remotely

Job Type: Contract
Category: Blog / Article Writing
Company Type: Small Business

This is an opportunity to join a small, cool team promoting a blog network with a focus on all things tech and digital.

We’re looking for FIVE proficient writers who have a solid technical background to write long-form blog posts (1500 words each) about at least one of these topics:

  • Web Design; how-tos, editorial/opinion articles, trends, and tutorials
  • Web Development; step-by-step tutorials on PHP, Python, JavaScript, HTML, & CSS
  • Web Hosting & Linux; Sysadmin tutorials on Apache, SSH, cPanel, WHM, etc.
  • Cybersecurity; news stories, breaches, industry updates, and opinions
  • Digital Marketing: data-driven pieces, product reviews, how-tos, curated case studies, etc.
  • Blogging & WordPress: listicles, how-tos, tips, trends, and roundups

You must:

  • Have a solid background and hands-on experience with the topics you’ll choose to write about
  • Have written before about these topics and able to show us several portfolio samples
  • Be available & dedicated; able to deliver at least 10 articles monthly. We can hire you to write even up to 25 pieces if we like your quality
  • Be a pro blogger who knows how to craft useful properly-formatted long-form posts that keep readers engaged while teaching them valuable stuff
  • Be fluent in English and a sharp writer: No errors, typos, grammar mistakes, or poor word choices. Just flawless native-like copy
  • Be able to come up with specific original content ideas (not the usual repeated topics) that you have genuine insight about
  • Be in it for the long term; we’re not looking for one-night stands—We want writers we can depend on for at least 6 months

This exciting opportunity could be a real career launchpad — your work will be published as guest posts (mostly under your name) on high-authority blogs. This means you’ll end up with a lot of live portfolio samples on many leading sites which establishes you as an authority.

So, Do you think you’re a KICKASS BLOGGER?

Apply Now and Let’s talk. We’re ready to start right away, and we’ll make a decision about your application within 24 hours!

It only takes 2 minutes to apply, and we don’t require a cover letter or resume—Just send us your portfolio samples here:

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