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No set hours. Work from anywhere. All hires are independent contractors.

You can also live anywhere but know that most of our users are from the US and the UK so you must be very familiar with one or both of those markets.

Apply using the contact form below or by sending an email to What to include in the message is found in the bullet points below. Also, at the top of your message, please write: “I’m a self-motivated person!”

Thank you for your interest!

Contributor (10+ Spots Available): The best candidates have experience researching and writing compelling work. A background in personal finance is preferred (CPA, CFP, MBA, professional personal shopper, bank loan officer, etc) but not mandatory. This is an hourly role. Topics are provided and you get some choice as to which you write. You may work anywhere from 15 to as many hours per week as you’d like.

Include in your message:

  • Tell us about yourself.
  • After doing the research, what is the best airline in the world? Why?
  • After doing the research, please explain Bitcoin in 200 words or less.
  • Include writing samples and resume.

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