Writer With a B2B Sales Background

Grow and Convert is a marketing blog known for sharing some of the best in-depth articles about marketing and actionable case studies. Our content has been read by over 200,000 marketers and business owners since we’ve started.

Our primary business is our content marketing agency, where we grow traffic and leads for businesses like Patreon, Leadfeeder, Inflow, ReportGarden, and more. Here is one (of many) case studies on the results we can achieve with our process.

Your Experience

We’re looking for a writer to help produce our style of high quality articles with the following experience:

  • Experience and understanding of sales in a B2B setting.

You should understand terms like:

  • SDR
  • AE
  • Sales ops
  • Salesforce
  • CRM
  • LTV
  • CAC

Note: You should also know the relationship and challenges between sales and marketing.

What You Will Do

You will interview experts on the sales side (VPs of sales, Directors of Sales and sales people themselves) of growing companies.

We’ll help you with landing these interviews, as they’ll come primarily via our client’s organization. But, the ideal candidate should be able to help reach out to experts and land some of their own.

You will take these interviews and turn them into educational business articles for startups looking to improve their sales operations.

You should have an understanding of what is obvious and uninteresting to sales leaders, as well as what is interesting, educational, noteworthy. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to know enough to be able to craft engaging articles based on interviews with experts.

Necessary Skills for Our Writing Team:

– Must be passionate about sales and startups and have an understanding of both.

– Must be able to keep the attention of a reader in a long-form story.

– Must be empathetic and know what matters to sales leaders and marketing leaders at growing companies.

– Must have experience/portfolio showing prior experience on these types of articles. If you don’t, we won’t have a good way to judge you.

We typically pay per project — averaging $250-$350 per post.

By clicking the “Apply for Job” button, you will likely be redirected to a web page outside of our website. We cannot be held responsible for external sites’ content. Please take reasonable steps to confirm that you’re actually dealing with a company representative, not an impostor.

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