Research Associate – Fashion and Supply Chain – Distributed Team at CommonShare

This position is for CommonShare portfolio company, SynZenBe.

As a member of our research team, you will be responsible for driving supply side (factory, textile mill) research and acquisition. You will interact with fashion brands and independent designers on one side, and textile mills and factories on the other.

The Research Analyst’s main responsibilities are to drive data acquisition, analysis, and outreach that drive supply side acquisition; develop manual processes that facilitate matching between buyers and suppliers; translate those manual processes into business logic; coordinate with our machine learning and data science teams to translate that business logic into algorithms.

The most successful Research Analysts are able to communicate with clients all over the world, on the phone and via email.

Primary Responsibilities
• Drive data acquisition
• Facilitate timely interactions between our brand and independent design needs and our suppliers’ capabilities
• Work with the Research Manager to develop analytics that allow computational understanding and matching between buyer needs and supplier capabilities
• Speak knowledgeably on our services to both buyers and suppliers
• Collaborate with our Product and Business Development Teams to contribute new ideas on strategic initiatives related to data acquisition, analysis, and the growth of our machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities
• Develop a thorough understanding of various industry dynamics in apparel and material sourcing

Required Skills
• Innate personal confidence – ability to thrive in uncertainty, think on your feet, and make good judgments
• Superior communication and interpersonal skills, including demonstrated oral, written, and presentation abilities (telephone, email, in-person, etc.)
• Excellent creative thinking and research skills
• Ability to multi-task in a fast paced environment, adhere to deadlines, while maintaining a high level of client service
• Knowledge of scripting languages (Python) preferred
• Knowledge of big data tools preferred (Talend, Tableau)
• Proven track record with phone-based outreach
• Bachelor’s degree from a top university in your region
• Fluent written and spoken English. Priority second languages include Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin

Why join us?
• Be part of a smart, fun, and passionate, globally distributed team
• Work directly with client managers and product developers
• Competitive compensation package, with upside based on performance
• Flexible sick / vacation leave policy

Please apply through the platform here with your LinkedIn Profile, resume and 3-5 sentences about why you are a great fit for the role and excited about this opportunity.

What We’re Building
CommonShare is a B2B commerce engine that will drive a significant increase in sustainable production and consumption by operating inclusive digital marketplaces that bring historically opaque supply chains online. The enterprises is driven by two complimentary software engines: – (the platform) operates a multi-sided platform connecting institutional buyers, producers and eco certifying agencies.

Plutus is the brand name of the microservices software and commerce engine that complements the CommonShare platform. The modular infrastructure of the software framework allows for teams to work on specific features and applications while leveraging existing functionality from other marketplaces.

Python, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Research, Tableau, Talend, Data Management
$10k – $15k No equity
Visa Sponsorship
Not available

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