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We’re a large remote team of mentors who are passionate about cultivating craftsmanship in design, in ourselves, and in others. Many of our mentors have day jobs as designers for technology companies or consulting firms while they mentor Bloc students.

We’re committed to diversity. We believe diversity strengthens our ability to solve problems and build well-rounded tools for our equally diverse student base. We value excellent communication. We believe that candid feedback, and voicing innovative ideas both contribute to an ever-improving experience for our students.

We’re focused on delivering real outcomes for motivated students at a large scale. If this is an opportunity you are passionate about, we would love to talk with you!

Job Description
Design Mentors are experienced developers and designers with a passion for sharing their craft. They believe in the apprenticeship model of education: learning by building under the guidance of an experienced professional. As a Design Mentor, you will work directly with students to support them on their journey to become professional software developers and designers.


Be an engaged mentor, committed to shared success

  • Pay attention to important company communications and updates in meetings, email, and Slack
  • Maintain an environment of regular, candid feedback with your Squad Lead
  • Share what you learn with other mentors and your Squad Lead

Ensure your students are satisfied, engaged and progressing

  • Set and manage student expectations and help them stay motivated to make progress
  • Maintain a high average satisfaction rating
  • Strive to maintain a high assessment pass rates for students → Focus on teaching to objectives.
  • Identify and help students who are struggling with learning objectives that should have been mastered previously
  • Identify students at risk of a poor outcome and work with your Squad Lead and Student Success to design and implement a remediation plan

Attend the following meetings:

  • All Student Sessions
  • Bi-weekly squad meetings
  • Monthly 1:1s with your squad lead
  • All Hands one Friday a month @ 1pm PT (FT Mentors only)

Minimum Requirements

  • 10-25 hours per week dedicated to Bloc
  • 3+ years relevant professional work experience
  • Professional experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Figma, Adobe CC, Sketch, Balsamiq, and/or Invision
  • Demonstrate genuine student advocacy and empathy for beginners
  • Strong English communication skills
  • Be a team player
  • Bonus if you have curriculum writing experience

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