Product Support Engineer – Remote (APAC)

This role is a remote, contract position. Specifically, looking for candidates able to work 20:30-07:00 UTC.

About Telnyx

We are a next-generation telecoms provider, headquartered in Chicago, IL with a second office in Dublin, Ireland. We have built a private global network for high-quality calls, messaging and data that can be configured via a self-service portal. The legacy public telephone network is limited and static, while our vision and mission is universal, internet-enabled communications. We empower our customers to be their own carriers and build quality communication services that leverage our infrastructure. With in-house-built software solutions, our engineers are constantly innovating and solving problems, but they aren’t the only ones!

The Role

As a Product Support Engineer, you are a motivated and enthusiastic individual with a passion for technology. You are a problem solver looking for a challenge in a dynamic work environment. You have a deep understanding of Telnyx API’s and services we offer. You collaborate with our customers, business teams, and development teams, continually building upon and applying our deep technical knowledge and skills across our product suite at every level.

This is a unique opportunity to join our team and make a difference in a growing, innovative company. As part of your role, you will monitor the network to handle any critical alerts in an efficient and timely manner. You will troubleshoot quickly and efficiently, providing information and solutions to customers and do so with the highest standards of professional customer service.

Strong customer-focus, interpersonal and communication skills
Excellent listening and questioning skills, combined with the ability to interact confidently with clients to assess problems and explain solutions.
Continually looking to solve problems
Understand issues and requirements well in order to provide solutions.
Outgoing and socially interactive
A team player looking to assist at any moment and to take the initiative.
Balancing daily workload
Multi-tasker who can effectively prioritize work.

What we value:
Networking knowledge
Wireshark knowledge
Understanding of tshark, wireshark, tcpdump, dumpcap, mergecap
Linux knowledge
General bash commands– ps, htop, ssh, scp, ls, chmod, chown, pipes
Understanding of Unix-like operating system’s file structure

Technologies we use:

  • A variety of languages including Python, Java, Elixir, Scala, Go, Angular, and React.
  • Open-source technologies like Cassandra, Spark, and ElasticSearch.
  • Industry-standard build tooling, including Docker, Consul, Jenkins, Ansible, and Github.

Our Guiding Principles

  • We wrote these principles to be actionable, to inform decision-making and to provide a sense of what’s important and what’s right.
  • We live our values every day. They guide how we hire, train, measure and reward each other.
  • Stay gritty
  • Do more with less. We are creative problem solvers that always use constraints to our advantage.

Leverage the experience of others

Avoid unnecessary detours by learning from the mistakes and successes of others. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

  • Improve continually
    Perfection is the enemy of progress. Always ask “why.” Think big, start small, collect data, and iterate quickly.
  • Work together
    Seek exponential gains in our work by improving the lives of colleagues and customers.
  • Practice diligence
    Measure twice and cut once. Plan thoughtfully, always have someone double-check your work, and take deliberate action.
  • Spread integrity
    Be transparent and honest. Give direct feedback.
  • Take action
    Err on the side of action.No one is above any task; take ownership and get things done.
  • Think forward
    Always think about what you can do today to put the company in the best position in the future.

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