Senior Python Engineer

About 15Five
We’re a company that’s out to make history. We envision a world where every person has the opportunity to be engaged in work that is meaningful to them, working alongside people they deeply trust and respect, building towards a common and inspiring vision, and where their work not only calls out their individual greatness but together leads to creating a world-class, high performing company where everybody wins. At 15Five, we’re building that kind of company and we’re looking for exceptional people to join us.

15Five helps companies create a culture of feedback, having employees feel heard, and providing their managers with visibility into their organizations. It helps teams produce deeper, more trusted relationships over time, helps managers and executives stay tuned in to issues and great ideas as they arise, and ultimately helps everyone win by creating more transparency and accountability. This leads to employees who are more engaged and teams who perform at a much higher level.

Success Outcomes of the role

  • Build high-quality robust features in close collaboration with our product team
  • Take ownership of everything you build – take responsibility for the overall success of the project you’re working on instead of just your part
  • Proactively address technical debt and positively impact code coverage
  • Provide constructive feedback through code reviews and be humble to accept feedback that will help you learn

Technical Acumen to achieve the Outcomes

  • 3+ years of full-time experience in Python (Django, Celery)
  • Strong knowledge of RDBMS design and optimization (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Able to understand and articulate the requirements and challenges
  • Understanding the main approaches in building high-load environment
  • Exposure to AWS is a plus
  • Experience with distributed systems/databases is a plus

Culture fit

  • Commitment to Excellence (life is too short to do mediocre work)
  • Strong desire to keep learning and growing
  • Taking ownership and responsibility for what you do and say
  • Able to work independently with very little oversight beyond the high-level direction
  • Communicate effectively, consistently and in a timely fashion

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