Voice Recording Web App Developer

Request for Voice recording web app This is a recording app integrated within the onboarding and publishing experience. It must have the basic tools to record, edit and publish a basic podcast. Our goal is to provide a simple tool aimed at beginner podcasters to get them comfortable with producing content without being overwhelmed with learning how to use professional recording software.

Software requirements:

● The app should be simple and easy to use. The main focus is to make the process intuitive and friendly for those starting to Podcast.

● The app should integrate the narrative of Podomatic’s publishing flow (Web based app for all browser platforms) ● Recording hand-off (upload file to user’s podomatic library) should be included in the experience process.

We need an estimate for two different versions:

MVP Requirements:

○ Recording

○ Pause/Resume

○ Upload to library

○ Download to local disk

Ideal V1 requirements:

○ Recording

○ Pause/Resume

○ Trim Recording

○ Combine Recordings

○ Sound filters (EQ presets)

○ Sound Feedback (Calibrate sound before recording by providing user with background noise feedback, ideal sound levels, balanced frequency during recording (too much bass, treble or midrange) Filters Ideas

● Bass Boost

● Treble Boost
● Midrange Drop

● Static Reduction

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