Senior Software Engineer

Why apply?

Work on deceptively simple apps with solid, difficult to replicate tech under the hood

We built one of the first apps for Shopify. It solved the tough problem of taking a technical analysis of a shop’s code and explaining it to non-technical users.

UX and customer service is at the heart of what we do. Founded by an engineer, we also look to solve hard technical problems to build apps others can’t.

Recently we added a templating engine to Plug in SEO, allowing shop owners to use the full range of Liquid variables and filters. Other apps offer just a couple.

Plug in Speed is the first minifier app for Shopify. We researched and developed unique technology to make this minification happen just-in-time. Other apps break key Shopify features like theme settings and require manual or scheduled runs.

Currently in the works we have a unique solution to the problem many shop owners have with understanding who, when and what changes are made to their theme. It’s based on git and again has solid tech under the hood exposed with UX that’s deceptively simple.

Working at Plug in Useful as an engineer gives you the opportunity to work on problems like this with a small and very experienced team who care about what they make.

Learn and grow by working with our experienced team

We’ve been in the Shopify ecosystem as a partner from the early days, following their growth. And we’ve been working in e-commerce for even longer, helping small shop owners up to consulting for FTSE-100 online retailers.

We’re experienced software developed, project managers, UX designer, customer service agents and QA testers but we’re always ready and open to learn more.

In a small, stable and growing company like ours you have a unique opportunity to learn from a broad range of people and develop your career as we grow the team.

Our CEO openly shares all key metrics with the company regularly, with a Monday digest covering how we’re doing, goals and strategy. If you like working in a data-driven environment on things that matter we look forward to hearing from you.

Senior Software Engineer

With over 100k users we’ve followed the rapid growth of Shopify and are looking to add a senior engineer to our 100% remote team of six.

As a Senior Software Engineer you’ll have worked with React and Rails before and ideally have used the Flux pattern on a decent-sized web app. You can both architect software, building it from the ground up, and maintain existing systems in a thoughtful way.

Just as important is how you approach problems and work in the team. We don’t want someone who puts their headphones on for three days and churns out code. Your instinct is to collaborate.

You’ll work closely with our product manager to gather requirements, come up with technical solutions, present these in a clear non-technical way and agree on what to do.

You’ll both mentor and learn from our software engineer through code reviews and working on problems together. And you’ll help our QA tester to understand changes, how best to test them and be responsive in fixing bugs.

We’re 100% remote across different timezones so clear, regular communication is key. Your location isn’t important as long as there’s a roughly 4 hour overlap with Eastern Time and European Time.

You’re experienced in working remotely and have found a schedule and setup that works best for you. If that’s a coworking space we can pay for that, but that’s optional since you decide where you’re at your most productive.

Skills & Experience

  • 1+ years React or similar frontend frameworks
  • 3+ years Rails
  • 5+ years software engineering
  • Have worked on web apps, ideally B2B SaaS
  • Software architecture
  • Have used a few different software patterns
  • Very collaborative
  • Clear non-technical communicator
  • Have worked remotely
  • Curious about new technologies
  • Ideally have worked with Kanban

Full time, 100% remote from any location with a 4 hour overlap with Eastern Time and European Time. We believe strongly in work/life balance with reasonable hours (usually 37.5 hours or occasionally more when required) and paid time off.

Apply by sending your CV and why you’re a good fit for the position to

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