React Frontend Developer at Waiterio

Job Description
Waiterio is looking for a Front-end React Developer to be a core part of our development team. As a member of the team, you’ll work alongside our product team to build features that empower restaurants’ owners to manage their business.


Waiterio uses cutting edge technologies like React, Electron, Graphql, Serverless.

Check out our single page application here:


– past experience in building large single page applications in React
– expert in modern Javascript (promises, async await, ESM)
– fluent in both spoken and written English
– prefers functional programming style over OOP


– Node
– MongoDB


You’ll be able to work remotely from anywhere you want. We encourage slow paced digital nomad traveling.


This is a full-time position and it will require full commitment and pausing any other freelancing job.

What We’re Building
Waiterio Restaurant POS is the fastest way to handle restaurants’ orders.

Waiterio makes the life of waiters and cooks easier. Orders of customers can be taken in seconds. The kitchen receive the orders as soon as the waiters take them. The app is recommended for any waiter and cook who doesn’t want to fumble around with pen and paper.

Waiterio is an affordable and easy-to-use Point of Sale (POS). It’s perfect for every restaurant, bar, coffee shop, pub, pizzeria, Deli, Bistro and other business in the food industry.

Waiterio is the most user friendly restaurant POS for Android devices. The app doesn’t require any initial long setup. Spend less time configuring the POS and more time making your restaurant and menu charming.

Hiring in Remote, Remote OK
1-10 Employees
Digital Media, Hospitality, Restaurants, Point of Sale

Javascript, MongoDB, Node.js, Frontend Development, React.js
$15k – $30k
No equity
Visa Sponsorship
Not available

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