HTML5 / Web Designer with React/Redux and SVG animation experience

This position is for a quick turnaround project for a highly skilled individual. If that’s you and you have a portfolio to back that up, feel free to quote your hourly or project rate upfront.

Core Data currently needs an additional HTML5 web designer with react and redux experience to enhance and perform maintenance on the company’s HTML5-based UI. The existing UI can be seen at this link.

The candidate will need to perform various fixes and enhancements on the product such as smoothing out the animation (“GameCast”) area, improving the colour pallet, improving load times/performance, re-working the loading screen, fixing mis-aligned elements, and various other enhancements. The company’s goal is to have a clean, smooth, and intuitive cross-browser product.

One critical area of the UI is the in-game animation (“GameCast”) area.  This is an SVG-based animation product designed to be compatible with desktop and mobile devices alike.  A substantial portion of the applicant’s responsibilities will include re-designing this GameCast to be more realistic (true-to-life) with smoother animations and better design quality.  The ultimate goal is for a 3D-style animation.  Prior experience with SVG animations (preferably of 3D or near-3D quality) is required.

The candidate will be expected to combine their knowledge of aesthetics and intuitive UX principles to create a cutting-edge, crisp, and attractive final product. The UI uses React.JS and Redux, so prior experience with these frameworks is necessary. The backend data to power the UI is provided via WebSockets feed and our backend team can make reasonable changes to the feed format if it is necessary to facilitate a speedy project completion.

Interested applicants should include links to previous SVG animation work in addition to a standard portfolio.

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