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Our mission is to help companies tell stories that inspire. We believe a great story is one you’d tell around the campfire. Yet most stories on the internet read like a poorly written tumblr blog post or a corporate advertisement. We want to help content marketing teams write stories that read more like a Malcolm Gladwell book. And we do this by connecting them with the top 1% of freelance writers: writers who’ve written for publications like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New Yorker, Forbes, and more.

Job Description

We’re looking for incredible freelance writers and journalists to join our network. Our goal is to provide you with high-paying content marketing work so you can spend more time working on important journalism. With this, our team will take care of finding and onboarding clients, matching you with projects that fit your skills, and handling all billing. As a writer, your only tasks will be to hop on an introductory call with the clients and write the pieces! You’ll never be obligated to accept a job you’re not interested in, and we’ll pay you as soon as the piece is submitted. We’re also looking for long-term engagements with clients so you can have a reliable stream of high-paying work.

The Details:

The content will be mostly longform blog posts, ghost-written editorial pieces, and ebooks. We’re looking for writers who’ve written for multiple top-tier publications over the last few years.

Note: Please do not apply if you haven’t written for a national magazine, newspaper, or other top-tier publication (ex. New York Times, The Atlantic, The Verge, Quartz, Bloomberg, etc.) We will make exceptions for people that have written for the best publications in their field (e.g. a top-tier, but lesser known).

Rate: This varies by project. We understand that there are many different pay structures for writers: flat rates, per-word rates, and hourly rates. And we currently choose different pay structures for different projects, depending upon what the client needs. But we’re happy to talk explore a pay structure that works for you.

Location: Remote

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