Writer for Software Review and Comparison Articles

This is a per article writing job. You will be required to write very detailed comparison articles for different types of software with very in-depth research of the software in question. You will need to also add screenshots to the articles that are based on your research. The finished article must be the most comprehensive review or comparison of that software available on the internet.

We expect each review to be from 1,500 to 2,000 words with ZERO fluff and all research, including some tables comparing their features and as many details as you can find to compare.

To give you an example of exactly what we are looking for, go to Google and search for “Joomla vs. WordPress” then check out the top three search results. We are looking for something similar to those top three articles.

You may need to work with a researcher to prepare these articles, but we would expect you to hire your researcher and to work directly with them. In this case, we would be open to paying separately for the researcher so that you do not have to do so out of pocket.

In your application, you will be required to send some kind of in-depth software review article that you have written previously or a similar piece of writing.

This job is for up to 50 similar kinds of articles which compare different software products.

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