Toggl: Backend Developer (Go/PostgreSQL)

​Toggl is an insanely simple time tracking system perfect for small and medium size businesses and freelancers. A simple online timer with powerful reports and team management features, it kills timesheets.​
We’re looking for someone to write the next version of the Toggl time reports to be 10 times faster than the current one. If you like this perspective then just might be crazy enough to join the Toggl backend team.
We work with PostgreSQL and Go – if that ticks your boxes, hop on board!
You can work from anywhere in the world. We believe great people do awesome work wherever they are. Toggl has team members in 25+ countries.
All it takes to apply is answering the short skills test linked in the apply button. Only candidates who take the test will be considered.
Free Toggl t-shirt for those who do well on the test!
Starting salary at EUR 50,000 (gross) annually.



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