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We created CareerFoundry to help others build their careers while maintaining personal freedom and flexibility. Our 100% online, flexible, mentor-driven courses are setting the standard for globally accessible technical education. Through our online programs, expert mentors and tutors bring students from complete beginners to junior UI designers in 6 months.

We are looking for experienced and passionate UI designers all over the world to join our mentor pool and help define the next generation of design talent by educating and empowering students across the globe.

Our global pool of over 90 mentors and tutors in the web development, iOS mobile development, user experience design, and user interface design fields has grown to include freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and agency directors who passionately guide, motivate, and empower our students to create new careers in the tech industry. We are constantly searching for more teaching enthusiasts like you to join this pool.

Your Mission

Tutoring is more than teaching. It is inspiring newcomers to the field to build, to problem solve, to think like a designer, and to increase their value as professionals. With their expertise from the field, tutors work with mentors to provide guidance and encouragement to their students each step of the way. To help guide CareerFoundry students, tutors provide feedback on submissions, help students understand the lessons, and ask and answer questions about the materials to deepen student understanding of the core concepts.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Regularly reviewing student projects submitted through the CareerFoundry platform
  • Portfolio reviews and checking for fundamental understanding of concepts
  • Working alongside a Mentor (8+ years experience) to help students to completion
  • Suggesting supplemental learning materials and personal insights in areas where students are struggling

What’s in it for you:

  • Flexible and mobile– work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Educational – deepen your own knowledge of UI design by teaching it to others, plus work alongside a mentor who will also assist with your own professional development
  • Fulfilling – directly impact students’ personal growth, and help them succeed in their goals
  • Résumé gold– mentoring and teaching experience is highly sought after by employers everywhere

Tutoring is part-time, and very flexible. You decide how many students you can tutor and respond to them anytime within a 24 hour window. This means you can fit tutoring into your schedule, rather than fit your schedule around tutoring.


Tutors at CareerFoundry should have friendly, outgoing personalities, and…

  •  2 + years of professional UI design experience
  • Basic UX design knowledge and abilities are appreciated
  • In depth knowledge of industry best practices
  • A strong desire to help others
  • Any previous teaching or mentoring experience is a definite plus

If you have more than 5+ years of professional experience, please consider applying for our UI Mentor position.

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