Marketing-Community Operations Clerk

1.You will be in a role to lead and create community principles and rules, with continuous improvement on the subject is required.

2.Day to day support and execute social network operations, proactive to user communication and maintain a good relationship by providing solutions in any forms of issues.

3.Organize and coordinate community and social network interactive activities, establishing a strong relationship between the company and user, to enhance the impact of a community with key features of word of mouth and market’s attention.

4.Key trends analysis and insights in user needs by using qualitative feedback and communicate, with a focus on improving the customer experience by implementing motivation activities and growth system.


1.Your should have over 1 year working experience in community operations and management, a blockchain working experience is a plus.

2.A profound knowledge of community operations, online customer support and excellent communication skills.

3. Experience in organize and planning on activities at community, familiar with social medias operation: facebook, twitter and telegram etc.

4.Strong English verbal and written ability.

5.Sensitive to data, a strong logical, data mining and analysis ability.



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