Dog Writers Wanted for Long-Term & Consistent Work

We’re a media company that runs multiple popular blogs covering different topics.

We recently added to our portfolio, and therefore, we’re looking for 3-5 writers to help us write new useful articles and rewrite some of the existing ones.

We need your help, expertise and writing skills to turn this site into a helpful and inspiring blog for dog owners.

We’re already revamping the logo and homepage (see the new one here:

We’re ALSO looking for a certified vet to put their stamp of approval on our more sensitive articles where having the correct information is extremely critical.

Most of the work will entail:

  • Writing new blog posts (such as ‘How-Tos’, ’10 Best’, ‘X vs Y’ etc.)
  • Rewriting existing articles from scratch (some of them are not at the level we want them to be)

You don’t have to be a professional in your topic, but you should have experience with the subject, and love writing about it.

In the future, the job may involve you having equipment in your hands, which you would test, review & take pictures of.

Specifics about the Position:

  • We’re looking for a long-term hire (many months) and will provide you with 8,000 – 20,000 words of article writing per week (depending on how much you can do)
  • Work remotely (in your pajamas)
  • You’ll be paid within 2 business days of submitting your completed work
  • Skype-based text communication only; no long, boring conference calls
  • Flexible: we respect your schedule and your work capacity

What’s Required?

  • You must have multiple years of dog experience and be passionate about them (had your own or have vet experience, etc.)
  • You’re not required to have experience writing about dogs (but it’s a plus)
  • You must be a native English writer (We will find out if you don’t have English as your first language when we go to pay you for your test assignment. Please do not apply if this is not the case. We will not pay.)
  • What’s the capital of France. Please answer this question in the last field of the application.
  • A computer with internet access, Microsoft Word or Google Docs, Skype, and PayPal
  • Proper grammar and spelling is mandatory
  • Can use your research to create valuable, informative content that flows well
  • An understanding of how to speak to your audience properly
  • Must be punctual; you must reply on Skype within 24 hours, and always hit deadlines

Why choose us?

  • Lots of consistent, long-term work
  • Work remotely (in your pajamas)
  • You’ll be paid fast
  • Skype-based text communication only; no long, boring conference calls
  • Flexible: we respect your schedule and your work capacity.

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