Agent: Router/Scoper

What is Invisible?

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Who are we?

We are Invisible’s Operation Team. We solve problems at scale so they never happen again. At our best, we solve problems before they happen. How?

We Believe That

— Invisible is a world-changing company and the Operation Team is responsible for creating the systems that will launch Invisible into the stratosphere

— Exponential gains from systems > Short term linear work > Systems for system’s sake

— Consistent feedback is key – we are addicted to learning and getting better

— What one of us knows, all of us should know

— Every new mistake is a learning opportunity

Because of these beliefs, we’ve built a team where

— Distributed approaches and centralized intelligence merge. Each teammate is constantly innovating and trying something new. Every mistake is prevented by all. Every success is learned by all.

— Each of us contains the sum of the knowledge, intelligence, and creativity of our entire team.

— We evolve and mutate constantly like an organism, identifying successful and problematic tactics and incorporating ideas from any source.

What is an Agent?

An Agent is a member of Invisible’s elite workforce.

Who are the Agents?
Invisible’s agents are an international group of passionate, restless humans striving to constantly grow, learn, and build a better future for themselves and the world.

An agent is..

— a father in the Philippines, providing for his whole family.

— a college student in Kenya, searching for a bright future.

— a stay-at-home mom in Texas, desiring to learn but constrained at home.

— a high school student in Ohio, frustrated by a dysfunctional school system.

— a bachelor in Poland, seeking to both work and learn.

An agent is you

What do Router/Scoper do?

When our clients send new work for us to perform, it is received by routers who then use their judgement and experience to indicate which team will work on it. They pass it to scoping where the work is digested, understood and re-explained in the form of written instructions, these instructions will be defined by you! Both sections are in charge of setting clear expectations of when the work will be delivered to the client as well as communicate crystal clear instructions for the rest of the teams and provide problem solving calls to the operating teams on how to perform a set of instructions.

You’ll apply to this Job if you’re good at:

  • Has strong analytical and conceptual capabilities.
  • Is flexible and ready to shift gears whenever needed (Easy to adapt).
  • Their English is competent, capable of writing and talking it with pro-efficiency.
  • Charming written personality.
  • Is a team worker and is capable of constantly communicating with everyone else to get the job done.
  • Is always on time for meetings and the start of his/her shift.

You’ll apply to this job if you’re awesome at:

  • Overly specific in his/her written instructions for someone else to interpret.
  • He/She is a natural investigator, willing to go the extra mile to figure out an error or vagueness inside a client petition.
  • Is proactive and is always looking for how to get the most work done and how to get more work.
  • Makes no excuses and is good at taking feedback.
  • Needs little to no supervision to provide high quality results.


  • must be fluent in English.
  • must not have an accent that is hard to understand.
  • must make little to no grammatical mistakes.
  • must have access to a stable internet connection.
  • must be able to do video calls and share their screens on these calls.
  • must have the desire and drive to learn.
  • must have the ability to learn from instructions and mistakes.
  • must be able to work at least 40 hours a week.
  • must be able to work at least 5 days a week.
  • must be able to make it to team-wide meetings; these are not every day and are most often between 7am-9am PST.

$3.0/hour with the potential to rise incrementally to $10/hour.

Are you the chosen one?

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