We find and list the best online jobs Filipino professionals can apply to. We search for work-from-home and remote career opportunities every day, so you don’t have to.

Everything we do at Hello Linda goes back to our core beliefs:

  • There’s no shortage of skilled Filipinos professionals who currently work remotely. And there are many more who aspire to skip the stressful commute and enjoy the benefits of remote work.
  • There’s an overwhelming supply of promising online careers open to Filipinos. Many are either lost in the information deluge or not readily accessible to applicants.

So how do we do it?

We track dozens of job boards, company career pages, and applicant tracking systems. We also use advanced Google search operators. We then comb through hundreds of web pages each week to filter jobs that can be done remotely and are open to Filipinos.

What kind of jobs do you post?

We try our best to screen every position or project we post. These jobs are screened by humans, not bots, which means only promising ones make it to our front page. Is this job worth applying for? How is the company culture? How much does it pay? Does it offer opportunities for growth—even for an entry-level role? We always consider these when choosing jobs to post.

Are you a recruitment agency?

We’re not. Hello Linda is an online resource for Filipinos who prefer to work from home or wherever they choose. We don’t get any commissions for jobs sourced from recruitment agencies.

How can I reach you?

We’re active on Twitter and Facebook. You can also email your suggestions or feedback to reply[at]hellolinda[dot]ph.

Help maintain the quality of jobs posted on Hello Linda. Is a position not really remote? Is it not open for Filipinos? Is a job closed? Please let us know.